Translation offer


  • Homogeneity of terminology
  • Directions concerning linguistic and terminology contents
  • Meaning coherence
  • Grammatic and Syntactic rules
  • Formation standards

About us

About us“I comprehend all that I know, and I know all that I comprehend”. For our company the translator is someone with multilevel education that allows him the perfect comprehension of the project, and finds no difficulty in its precise conversion to the target language. If the language is the key to communication, on which the cultural evolution is based, that means that the interpretation is the art which defines the dynamic of globalization.

Our people are our force.

In "metaphrasis" we view our collaborators as the top gun of the market whether they are full-time employed or freelancers and that is the reason why we make sure that they are satisfied. By controlling the connection between motive and productivity we attain the devotion to the professional ethic that the market demands.